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DNS Cache Snooping Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
DNS Cache Snooping

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

Synopsis :

Remote DNS server is vulnerable to Cache Snooping attacks.

Description :

The remote DNS server answers to queries for third party domains which do
not have the recursion bit set.

This may allow a remote attacker to acertain which domains have recently
been resolved via this name server, and therefore which hosts have been
recently visited.

For instance, if a possible hacker was interested in whether your company utilizes
the online services of a particular financial institution, they would
be able to use this attack to build a statistical model regarding
company usage of aforementioned financial institution. Of course,
the attack can also be used to find B2B partners, web-surfing patterns,
external mail servers, and more...

For a much more detailed discussion of the potential risks of allowing
DNS cache information to be queried anonymously, please see:

Threat Level:

Low / CVSS Base Score : 2

Click HERE for more information and discussions on this network vulnerability scan.


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