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Family: CGI abuses : XSS --> Category: attack

FastCGI samples Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
Tests for FastCGI samples Cross Site Scripting

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

Two sample CGI's supplied with FastCGI are vulnerable
to cross-site scripting attacks. FastCGI is an 'open extension to CGI
that provides high performance without the limitations of server
specific APIs', and is included in the default installation of the
'Unbreakable' Oracle9i Application Server. Various other web servers
support the FastCGI extensions (Zeus, Pi3Web etc).

Two sample CGI's are installed with FastCGI, (echo.exe and echo2.exe
under Windows, echo and echo2 under Unix). Both of these CGI's output
a list of environment variables and PATH information for various
applications. They also display any parameters that were provided
to them. Hence, a cross-site scripting attack can be performed via
a request such as:


Always remove sample applications from production servers.

Threat Level: High

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