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Family: Mandrake Local Security Checks --> Category: infos

MDKSA-2004:046-1: apache-mod_perl Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
Check for the version of the apache-mod_perl package

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

The remote host is missing the patch for the advisory MDKSA-2004:046-1 (apache-mod_perl).

Four security vulnerabilities were fixed with the 1.3.31 release of Apache. All
of these issues have been backported and applied to the provided packages.
Thanks to Ralf Engelschall of OpenPKG for providing the patches.
Apache 1.3 prior to 1.3.30 did not filter terminal escape sequences from its
error logs. This could make it easier for attackers to insert those sequences
into the terminal emulators of administrators viewing the error logs that
contain vulnerabilities related to escape sequence handling (CVE-2003-0020).
mod_digest in Apache 1.3 prior to 1.3.31 did not properly verify the nonce of a
client response by using an AuthNonce secret. Apache now verifies the nonce
returned in the client response to check whether it was issued by itself by
means of a 'AuthDigestRealmSeed' secret exposed as an MD5 checksum
mod_acces in Apache 1.3 prior to 1.3.30, when running on big-endian 64-bit
platforms, did not properly parse Allow/Deny rules using IP addresses without a
netmask. This could allow a remote attacker to bypass intended access
restrictions (CVE-2003-0993).
Apache 1.3 prior to 1.3.30, when using multiple listening sockets on certain
platforms, allows a remote attacker to cause a DoS by blocking new connections
via a short-lived connection on a rarely-accessed listening socket
(CVE-2004-0174). While this particular vulnerability does not affect Linux, we
felt it prudent to include the fix.
Due to the changes in, mod_perl needed to be rebuilt against the
patched Apache packages in order for httpd-perl to properly load the module. The
appropriate mod_perl packages have been rebuilt and are now available.

Solution :
Threat Level: High

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