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What We Scan For

Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Vulnerabilities

Name Summary
Ares Fileshare Detection Detects Ares Fileshare
Azureus Detection Checks for Azureus
BitComet Detection Checks for BitComet
BitComet URI buffer Overflow Vulnerability Checks for URI buffer overflow vulnerability in BitComet
BitLord Detection Checks for BitLord
BitTornado Detection Checks for BitTornado
BitTorrent Detection Checks for BitTorrent
DC++ Detection Checks for DC++
DC++ Download Drive File Appending Vulnerability Checks for download drive file appending vulnerability in DC++
Detect the presence of Napster Detect the presence of Napster
Detects Shareaza Checks for Shareaza
Direct Connect hub detection Direct Connect hub detection
eDonkey Detection Sends eDonkey HELLO / LOGINREQUEST
eMule Plus Web Server detection Detect eMule Web Server
FTP server hosting copyrighted material Checks if the remote ftp server hosts mp3/wav/asf/mpg files
Gnutella servent detection Detect Gnutella servent
iTunes Music Sharing Enabled Checks for whether music sharing is enabled in iTunes
Kazaa / Morpheus Client Detection Kazaa / Morpheus Client Detect
Kazaa is installed Determines if Kazaa is installed
Kazaa P2P check Determines if the remote system is running Kazaa
LimeWire is installed Determines if LimeWire is installed
Mercora IMRadio Detection Checks for Mercora IMRadio
mldonkey telnet Detect mldonkey telnet interface
mldonkey www Detect mldonkey www interface
Open DC Hub Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Determines if the remote system is running Open DC Hub
Overnet P2P check Determines if the remote system is running Overnet
PeerCast Detection Checks for PeerCast
SMB share hosting copyrighted material Finds .mp3, .avi and .wav files
SMB share hosting office files Lists .doc, .ppt, .xls and other office related files
Trillian is installed Determines if Trillian is installed
uTorrent Detection Checks for uTorrent
Web Server hosting copyrighted material Looks for *.(mp3,avi,asf,mpg,wav,ogg)
WinMX is installed Determines if WinMX is installed
WinMX P2P check Determines if the remote system is running WinMX
Xedus Denial of Service Checks for denial of service in Xedus
Xedus detection Checks for presence of Xedus
Xedus directory traversal Checks for directory traversal in Xedus
Xedus XSS Checks XSS in Xedus
XoloX is installed Determines if XoloX is installed

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