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Family: Ubuntu Local Security Checks --> Category: infos

USN145-1 : wget vulnerabilities Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
wget vulnerabilities

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

Synopsis :

The remote package "wget" is missing a security patch.

Description :

Jan Minar discovered a path traversal vulnerability in wget. If the
name ".." was a valid host name (which can be achieved with a
malicious or poisoned domain name server), it was possible to trick
wget into creating downloaded files into arbitrary locations with
arbitrary names. For example, wget could silently overwrite the users
~/.bashrc and other configuration files which are executed
automatically. (CVE-2004-1487)

Jan Minar also discovered that wget printed HTTP response strings from
the server to the terminal without any filtering. Malicious HTTP
servers could exploit this to send arbitrary terminal sequences and
strings which would then be executed and printed to the console. This
could potentially lead to arbitrary code execution with the rights
of the user invoking wget. (CVE-2004-1488)

Hugo Vázquez Caramés discovered a race condition when writing output
files. After wget acertaind the output file name, but before the file
was actually opened (the time window is acertaind by the delay of th

Solution :

Upgrade to :
- wget-1.9.1-10ubuntu2.1 (Ubuntu 5.04)

Threat Level: High

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