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Family: Ubuntu Local Security Checks --> Category: infos

USN169-1 : linux-source-, linux-source-2.6.10 vulnerabilities Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
linux-source-, linux-source-2.6.10 vulnerabilities

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

Synopsis :

These remote packages are missing security patches :
- linux-doc-2.6.10
- linux-doc-
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-386
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-686
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-686-smp
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-amd64-generic
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-amd64-k8
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-amd64-k8-smp
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-amd64-xeon
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-k7
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-k7-smp
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-power3
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-power3-smp
- linux-header

Description :

David Howells discovered a local Denial of Service vulnerability in
the key session joining function. Under certain user-triggerable
conditions, a semaphore was not released properly, which caused
processes which also attempted to join a key session to hang forever.
This only affects Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog). (CVE-2005-2098)

David Howells discovered a local Denial of Service vulnerability in
the keyring allocator. A local attacker could exploit this to crash
the kernel by attempting to add a specially crafted invalid keyring.
This only affects Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog). (CVE-2005-2099)

Balazs Scheidler discovered a local Denial of Service vulnerability in
the xfrm_compile_policy() function. By calling setsockopt() with an
invalid xfrm_user policy message, a local attacker could cause the
kernel to write to an array beyond its boundaries, thus causing a
kernel crash. (CVE-2005-2456)

Tim Yamin discovered that the driver for compressed ISO file systems
did not sufficiently validate the iput data. By t

Solution :

Upgrade to :
- linux-doc-2.6.10-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- linux-doc- (Ubuntu 4.10)
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-386-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-686-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-686-smp-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-amd64-generic-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-amd64-k8-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- linux-headers-2.6.10-5-amd64-k8-smp-2.6.10-34.4 (Ubuntu 5

Threat Level: High

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