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Family: Ubuntu Local Security Checks --> Category: infos

USN271-1 : mozilla-firefox, firefox vulnerabilities Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
mozilla-firefox, firefox vulnerabilities

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

Synopsis :

These remote packages are missing security patches :
- firefox
- firefox-dev
- firefox-dom-inspector
- firefox-gnome-support
- mozilla-firefox
- mozilla-firefox-dev
- mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector
- mozilla-firefox-gnome-support

Description :

Web pages with extremely long titles caused subsequent launches of
Firefox browser to hang for up to a few minutes, or caused Firefox to
crash on computers with insufficient memory. (CVE-2005-4134)

Igor Bukanov discovered that the JavaScript engine did not properly
declare some temporary variables. Under some rare circumstances, a
malicious website could exploit this to execute arbitrary code with
the rights of the user. (CVE-2006-0292, CVE-2006-1742)

The function XULDocument.persist() did not sufficiently validate the
names of attributes. A possible hacker could exploit this to inject
arbitrary XML code into the file 'localstore.rdf', which is read and
evaluated at startup. This could include JavaScript commands that
would be run with the user's rights. (CVE-2006-0296)

Due to a flaw in the HTML tag parser a specific sequence of HTML tags
caused memory corruption. A malicious web site could exploit this to
crash the browser or even execute arbitrary code with the user's
rights. (CVE-2006-0749)


Solution :

Upgrade to :
- firefox-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.10 (Ubuntu 5.10)
- firefox-dev-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.10 (Ubuntu 5.10)
- firefox-dom-inspector-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.10 (Ubuntu 5.10)
- firefox-gnome-support-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.10 (Ubuntu 5.10)
- mozilla-firefox-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.10 (Ubuntu 5.10)
- mozilla-firefox-dev-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.10 (Ubuntu 5.10)
- mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.04 (Ubuntu 5.04)
- mozilla-firefox-gnome-support-1.0.8-0ubuntu5.04 (Ubuntu 5.04)

Threat Level: High

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