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Family: Ubuntu Local Security Checks --> Category: infos

USN58-1 : krb5 vulnerability Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
krb5 vulnerability

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

Synopsis :

These remote packages are missing security patches :
- krb5-admin-server
- krb5-clients
- krb5-doc
- krb5-ftpd
- krb5-kdc
- krb5-rsh-server
- krb5-telnetd
- krb5-user
- libkadm55
- libkrb5-dev
- libkrb53

Description :

Michael Tautschnig discovered a possible buffer overflow in the
add_to_history() function in the MIT Kerberos 5 implementation.
Performing a password change did not properly track the password
policy's history count and the maximum number of keys. This could
cause an array overflow and may have allowed authenticated users (not
necessarily one with administrative rights) to execute arbitrary
code on the KDC host, compromising an entire Kerberos realm.

Solution :

Upgrade to :
- krb5-admin-server-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- krb5-clients-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- krb5-doc-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- krb5-ftpd-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- krb5-kdc-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- krb5-rsh-server-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- krb5-telnetd-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- krb5-user-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- libkadm55-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- libkrb5-dev-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)
- libkrb53-1.3.4-3ubuntu0.1 (Ubuntu 4.10)

Threat Level: High

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