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Family: Gain root remotely --> Category: infos

cachefsd overflow Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
Checks the presence of a RPC service

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

The cachefsd RPC service is running on this port.

Multiple vulnerabilities exist in this service. At least
one heap overflow vulnerability can be exploited remotely
to obtain root rights by sending a long directory and
cache name request to the service. A buffer overflow can
result in root rights from local users exploiting the
fscache_setup function with a long mount argument.

Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6, 7 and 8 are vulnerable to this
issue. Sun patch 110896-02 is available for Solaris 8.
Other operating systems might be affected as well.

*** Nessus did not check for this vulnerability,
*** so this might be a false positive

Solution : Deactivate this service - there is no patch at this time
for pre-8 systems
/etc/init.d/cachefs.daemon stop
Edit /etc/inetd.conf and disable the 100235/rcp service:
#100235/1 tli rpc/tcp wait root /usr/lib/fs/cachefsd cachefsd
Then kill -HUP the inetd process id.
These activities may need to be repeated after every
patch installation.

Threat Level: High

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