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Residential Users

If you're using DSL, Cable Modem or other form of shared broadband access, you should be aware that because you're sharing an internet connection with other customers, your computer could be an easy target for hackers.

If you're running Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP, you should be aware that Microsoft releases security updates frequently. Our secuirty scanner will test your system to make sure you're current and well protected.

If you have purchased a firewall to protect your home network, you've taken a great first step, but are you sure your firewall is configured correctly? You can use our service to test and tweak your firewall's configuration.

If after receiving your scan results, you end up applying patches and other fixes, you can obtain one additional follow-up scan for FREE!

Let Vulnerability Scanning Solutions, LLC. help you identify loopholes, backdoors, and other ways hackers can get into your home computers. We'll give you a detailed report of any vulnerabilities, and suggest ways that you can fix them.

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