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APC SURTD5000XLT RM Smart-UPS 5000VA 208V AP9619 10/100 Rack Rails Ears NoBatts For Sale

APC SURTD5000XLT RM Smart-UPS 5000VA 208V AP9619 10/100 Rack Rails Ears NoBatts

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APC SURTD5000XLT RM Smart-UPS 5000VA 208V AP9619 10/100 Rack Rails Ears NoBatts:

APC SURTD500XLT, set up as SURTD5000RMXL3U Smart-UPS (we have added a pair of "rack ears", i.e., brackets, as well as a pair of rack rails, plus the hardware to mount the ears on the UPS, plus the hardware for mounting the rails in a 4 post cabinet or rack environment (your specific situation may require additional hardware; we are supply the equivalent of the hardware that would be found in a new boxed APC rail kit for this series of UPS units).
This is here being supplied in rack mount (horizontal) configuration, though it can be used instead in "Tower" (upright) orientation (most safely done with the correct APC "Feet", not here supplied, to make accidental tipping over less likely). We represent to you that in terms of how they perform, the "tower" and "rack mount" versions of this unit are identical. Also supplied for optional "tower" setup: A black plastic decorative strip that hides holes and hardware that are only used in rack mount configuration. All items shown below are used unless otherwise specifically noted.
All photos shown are of the specific actual unit being sold here. No "Stock Photos" are used here. And if comparison shopping please remember that other than batteries, we are offering the complete solution here: UPS, rack rails and brackets with mounting hardware, proprietary serial cable for direct control of unit via attached computer and/or setting parameters of UPS and the installed network card; 10/100 network card (used tested good original type AP9619 card pre-installed). Many other similar units lack one or more of what we include at no extra cost, and our price is below what a used unit like this generally lists for with new batteries (of type and capacity generally not disclosed) pre-installed.
Beware units sold with used batteries, since without good condition batteries installed a UPS like this won't even turn on -- and due to the age of these units (they were made from roughly 2008-2012) and the characteristics of the sealed lead acid type batteries in them, even a "new" unit's original batteries, if never charged up once the UPS left the factory, are likely dead or nearly so.
Summary of ratings and included items (details below):
  • 5000VA
  • 3500W
  • Input voltage 208V (default; can also be set to operate at 200V/220V/240V incoming AC)
  • AP9619 10/100 networking card with Environmental Monitoring abilities (external sensors available but not included; tested good for serial communication plus Ethernet accessible functions; reset to factory defaults including password and username)
  • Rack Ears with case-mounting screws included
  • Used genuine APC Rack Rails kit, with mounting hardware included
  • Original APC Attached 10AWG AC input cord with original molded-on L630P 30 amp rated twist lock style plug (the receptacles on the back are 2 x 20 amp and 2 x 30 amp rated twist lock type)
  • Full complement of 2 internal original APC battery trays with wiring harnesses and spacers (batteries not included)
  • New in bag APC sourced serial console cable, 940-1525A required for direct serial communication and/or to reset AP9619 parameters such as your local TCP/IP network settings; this item is fairly rare (it looks like the more common 940-0144A but is not believed to be compatible with that other item) and has a DB9 serial connector for attaching to a computer, and an RJ (modular plug type) connector to fit a matching serial port on the UPS (as opposed to the more traditional DB9 style serial connector on the UPS as well).
  • Original APC black plastic front decorative panel ("Bezel", "Grille", etc.) is not included with this specific unit (and is not shown, for that reason) as listed here; original APC "control panel head" with LED light displays is present, as shown in photos; can be carefully removed without tools, rotated 1/4 turn and reattached if unit is to be used in vertical "tower" orientation; stabilizing feet originally provided for "tower" setup are not included so not shown in photos
  • Protective cover is in place over the rear panel located connector for attaching an external battery pack (not included) for added run time. Many of these are listed on either with that cover plate missing, or without sufficient photos for you to know if it would be included or not. This is a live 192VDC output charging connector, which would be connected in parallel to any internally installed batteries and thus be "live" even when the UPS is not plugged in, so having that plate in place is a good idea! Such battery packs can be 'daisy chained' together for even more run time. If you are considering adding external battery packs please check with us as we may have one or more available (just the casings, batteries would not be included) at the time you are considering buying this item.
DETAILS ON CONDITION AND INCLUDED ITEMS:Typical scuffs to case exterior. Front removable 'grille', also called 'bezel', not included. 'Rack Ears' included (including case mounting hardware). Set of left-right APC Rack Rails, including mounting hardware to attach to a 4 post rack or cabinet included.
The photos are fully and fairly representative of the condition and appearance of this unit. We have additional similar units to be listed soon, as well as other high-capacity APC UPS equipment already (as of the date this listing will start) listed on . The serial number shown on photos of this item (NS0843009758) is of the single specific item being sold here.
As shown in the photos a used network-tested AP9619 10/100 networking card, with environmental monitoring options (you can supply optional external temperature or temperature/humidity sensor and/or 'contact' sensors such as wired door sensors; available; not included). These are the later issue of the AP9619 card, which you can tell because there is a 'slot' at each end of this card that allows it to be installed in more recent APC UPS units; older versions of this model that lack the slots have older firmware that is not compatible with later SmartUPS units.
The AP9619 in each UPS has been reset to default password and username of 'apc'; other data has been cleared. The correct kind of new APC console cable [940-0024 (6') or 940-1524 (15')], identical except as to length] is included with each unit, for monitoring the UPS from an attached PC and/or resetting parameters including but not limited to TCP/IP settings so that you can actually connect this to a network (do not assume that just because the card is there, but not yet customized to your network settings, it will be 'seen' by your network, as other sellers by silence on this issue imply).
The two required original APC correct type internally stowed battery trays are included with this unit, minus the original batteries (which were removed as too old to hold a proper charge; no battery leakage observed inside trays or inside the unit itself) including all the original wiring and spacers. Please note that in order to test this unit, good condition used batteries were temporarily installed, but they are not included in the sale of this item. By choosing and sourcing batteries (available from many sources including other vendors), Buyer can decide on quality, and on amp-hour ("Ah") rating capacity (= "run time" while on battery power), of batteries to be used. Buyer may also, at their choice (and at a higher cost due to added labor and materials), order pre-set-up battery trays with batteries already installed, from a variety of sources, including as one example only, APC/Schneider Electric itself.
New batteries that buyer will obtain (widely available including on and from other sellers including APC itself) are a very common type of 'SLA' (Sealed Lead Acid) battery. Batteries and wiring harness use easy slide-on, slide-off type connectors (no tools required other than a cross head screwdriver to remove and later replace the battery tray lid). A photo showing a properly wired-up battery tray will be provided on request. Easy hook-up of tray wiring to batteries using slide-on connectors; no tools (other than a cross head screwdriver to remove the lid on the empty tray to allow insertion and wiring of new batteries) are required. BEST OFFER TIPS: If you can pick this item up (and possibly pick up other items of a similar type we're currently selling) that we don't have to pack or ship, we will be willing to work out a discount with you due to our saving on time and materials required for proper packing before shipping, and the cost of shipping itself. If we have to ship, on the other hand, we may still be able to work something out; but please remember, the further away you are, the more it will cost us to ship -- so if you want to make an offer but can't pick this up from us, and are far away leading to high shipping costs for us, please keep that in mind. If you want to provide us with your FedEx account number for payment of shipping purposes, so that we don't have to pay anyone to actually get this to you, we'd still have to pack it which costs us time and also materials costs; so we'll be most flexible on price for local pickups where we don't even have to box this up. Please also read the information below about local pickup, because if you don't make that choice before you pay, it may be difficult if not impossible for us to allow a pickup rather than to ship. If you have any questions about shipping and/or Best Offer options be sure to contact us, preferably before you buy/offer.
SHIPPING: FREE shipping to the 48 contiguous United States only (e.g., not Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico etc.). ` We have specified "Economy shipping" as the means for shipment. Since we are picking up the cost to ship unless we come to some other agreement, we reserve the right to ship via a common carrier such as FedEx or UPS or a comparable service, so long as the method we choose is one that says it will deliver within 10 business days or less, as required by for economy shipping. In fact, most of the time, that means we will use a "Ground" class service such as FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, or UPS Ground (our choice, based on whatever method costs us the least), in which case the time in transit should actually be 6 business days or less. We will, in any event, ship this within two (2) business days after payment has been completed (which handling time is not included in the maximum 10 business days for "economy" class shipping).
LOCAL PICKUP: FREE from our warehouse, currently located in San Leandro, California, near the Oakland (CA) airport, only about 3 miles away from the 880 Freeway (Davis Street exit). It is possible that we will be located in a different facility somewhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area some time in mid-October 2018, so please contact us before offerding if the distance you'd need to travel to pick this up may be a factor in your decision to purchase planning on a no-fee pickup. Note that per 's rules (not ours!) you need to choose this option during checkout, before you pay, or will require us to ship -- even if Buyer and Seller would be willing to arrange a local pickup despite that not being chosen during checkout. has told us that they can't retroactively authorize a pickup once checkout is complete and will take action against a seller who "fails" to ship in such situation even if both Buyer and Seller were agreeable to allow a free local pickup that was not chosen before checkout was completed.
RETURNS: This is a large heavy item. Regardless of the reason for return, you will be responsible for the cost of properly packing it (so that it is packed at least as well as when we shipped it to you); we suggest that you retain the original shipping materials in case you want to return this, but you will need to examine them, in particular the shipping box itself and the packing inserts, to determine whether any shipping materials can safely be re-used. We strongly recommend that you contact us about this if this comes up.
If you are only returning this item because you decided you did not need it after all, you will be responsible for return shipping charges, as well as for the initial amount we spent (if any) on shipping this item to you. All such 'changed mind' returns must be initiated within 60 calendar days of the date of delivery to your -approved shipping address. Any other reason for return will only be per the terms of the ' MONEY BACK GUARANTEE', e.g., the item shipped to you was not fairly described in the listing itself, or failed to start or to continue to operate normally (due to no fault of the buyer/user), which type of return can only be initiated, per 's published terms regarding the ' MONEY BACK GUARANTEE', within the first 30 (NOT 60) calendar days after the date of delivery.
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