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IBM Model M 1391401 clicky keyboard Date:30SEP89 clean, bolt-modded ID:5271979 For Sale

IBM Model M 1391401 clicky keyboard Date:30SEP89 clean, bolt-modded ID:5271979

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IBM Model M 1391401 clicky keyboard Date:30SEP89 clean, bolt-modded ID:5271979 :

Please note the following:
Please read the Additional Notes section before buying this keyboard and please do not purchase this Model M if you intend to use it for playing computer games requiring more than 2 regular keys to be pressed simultaneously for certain game actions. The Model M has 2KRO (2-key rollover) which means a maximum of 2 regular keys and no more than 3 modifier keys (i.e., Alt, Ctrl, Shift) can be pressed at the same time without causing errors. Do not purchase if this limitation poses a problem for you!Also, please read and comply with the shipping requirements (below, paragraph 6) with regard to forwarding agents. Send an message if you have a problem with this.This is the popular 1391401, perhaps the best-known of all the Model M variants. It is in excellent gently-used condition, immaculately clean inside and out, and nearly-new in appearance. It has been expertly bolt-modded for long-term durability, and features the classic IBM "buckling-spring" mechanism in the keys to provide unmatched tactile and auditory response with every key press. It is the keyboard often cited by professional typists, writers, and programmers as the best keyboard ever made.This Model M features tri-color key legends imprinted using IBM's sublimated-dye process that is virtually wear-proof, detachable keycaps, and detachable cable. The keystrokes on this keyboard are smooth, producing crisp clicks on every key, and making routine typing tasks a joy. The classic Model M clicky keystroke properties were preserved by the bolt-mod process -- very important to enthusiasts and collectors. Truly built to last with no plastic rivets to worry about, this keyboard can be expected to provide many years of reliable service. All photos in this listing are of the actual keyboard you will receive.NOTE: The PS/2-USB converter supplied with this keyboard supports Soarer's converter firmware, allowing key remapping if desired, and provides additional programmable keyboard features. It comes pre-programmed with the standard key mapping for this keyboard, and can be used immediately without further programming. More details about this converter can be found here. Send an private message if you want more information about this converter and how it can be re-programmed for custom key functions, key macros, etc.The following items are included:
  • New coiled SDL-PS/2 cable; 6 ft. length when coils are stretched
  • New Orihalcon active inline PS/2-USB converter, compatible with Soarer's firmware
  • Custom 2-piece foam inserts; fully-enclosing, form-fitting, and extremely protective
  • Shipped in our custom heavy-duty double-wall corrugated shipping box
  • Full 14-day return privilege with refund or replacement, includes return shipping
What makes our refurbished Model M's better, and why do they cost so much?1. We start with the best Model M's we can find
We acquire only those Model M's in excellent condition to begin with. We avoid those that are badly scratched, gouged, dinged, or blemished in ways that cannot be remedied by cleaning. We don't start with trashed, non-working keyboards that look like they were pulled from a garbage dump. The best of anything almost always costs more than the run-of-the-mill, and Model M keyboards are no exception. We pay more to acquire our premium used Model M's; then we clean thoroughly, refurbish, and bolt-mod only the best of them -- so you get what you expect from us: an absolutely beautiful and fully-functional example of the best keyboard ever.2. Thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tested, inside and out
Unlike most sellers of pre-owned IBM Model M keyboards, we thoroughly clean and sanitize all exterior and interior surfaces including the surface under the keys, where very few sellers clean at all. We use strong detergent and antibacterial cleaning agents, but we never use any bleach or RetroBrite when cleaning our Model M's, to avoid damage to the plastic surfaces these can cause. Our pre-owned Model M's are also fully inspected for proper mechanical and electrical operation of every key, and any necessary repairs are performed as part of our total refurbishment process. All key caps are present and any that exhibit excessive wear are replaced with matching vintage IBM key caps that exhibit little or no wear. 3. Rivet-less bolted construction
As most fans of the Model M keyboard know, the thermoformed plastic rivets that hold the entire internal keyswitch assembly together can (and usually do) fail over time as the plastic ages and becomes weaker and more brittle. The loss of at least a few of these rivets is common even in NIB Model M's, since the failure mechanism is more a matter of aging than usage. Usually there are more than a few broken rivets in aging Model M's. If enough rivets are lost within a given area of the keyswitch array, one or more keys in that area may feel weak and spongy, with little or no click, intermittent actuation issues, or complete loss of mechanical click and electrical actuation.To completely eliminate this potential problem for our customers we remove the plastic rivets and replace them with stainless steel low-profile Torx-head machine screws (see photos). These are of premium quality, made in the USA, and crafted of DIN-compliant Alloy 318. There are approximately 50 of these screws securing the keyswitch assembly, with a combined strength far greater than necessary to guarantee a lifetime of reliable service. Unlike plastic rivets which break off individually, a single screw as used in our process will not break off or pull out individually and would need to have all of the surrounding screws do the same -- simultaneously -- in order to cause problems. This is physically impossible, given both the individual and the combined pullout strength of our stainless steel machine screws. We thoroughly test each keyboard key-by-key before and after the refurbishment process, and then again just before shipping to ensure our customers get exactly what we promise -- the very best refurbished IBM Model M keyboards available today. To perform the entire cleaning and refurbishment process, including the replacement of the plastic assembly rivets with premium stainless steel screws, typically takes from 4 to 6 hours and is very labor-intensive. But it makes all the difference between our Model M's and others you may find at a lower price.4. Full disclosure of the condition of the keyboard
We inspect and photograph not only the exterior, but also the interior assembly of every keyboard we sell. Very few sellers invest the time and effort to do this, but we want you to know exactly what you're buying before you commit to the transaction. That's why we post a detailed photo of the internal steel backplate and plastic rivets (or screws if bolt-modded) that secure the keyswitch assembly. Excessive failure of those plastic rivets is probably the single biggest cause for the demise of many a Model M keyboard. These keyboards can easily tolerate a small number of broken rivets (very common in vintage Model M's, whether new or used) and still function perfectly; but excessive rivet loss can result in one or more keys not clicking properly when pressed, and not actuating reliably. That's why we check the integrity of each rivet, removing any that show signs of weakness; only then do we assess the condition of the keyboard. We bolt-mod every Model M that in our opinion requires it for long-term reliability -- and that's nearly all of them. Those which clearly don't require bolt-modding because there are no weak or broken rivets (these are quite rare) are sometimes sold unmodified, and at a significantly lower price than our bolt-modded keyboards. 5. New cable and USB converter included
Everything you need to immediately begin using your Model M is supplied; no need to go shopping for a cable or USB converter. This keyboard comes with a new coiled SDL-PS/2 cable and a new Orihalcon active inline PS/2-USB converter, compatible with Soarer's firmware for re-programming keys. Active USB converters, although more expensive, are superior to passive wiring adapters in avoiding compatibility and performance issues.6. Ultimate protection during shipment
This keyboard is supplied in our custom 2-piece foam packing inserts. The foam-enclosed keyboard, cable, and USB converter will be packed inside a custom heavy-duty double-wall corrugated box for shipment. This will provide the ultimate in protection against the roughest handling likely to be encountered in transit. With our heavy-duty protective packaging we feel confident in shipping these keyboards around the world without fear of damage, and we fully insure all shipments at our own expense.Please note that we will not ship to third-party freight-forwarding companies or other proxies who are not the actual buyer. All items we sell must be shipped directly to the buyer, regardless of whether the destination is domestic or foreign. The buyer's address as registered with and PayPal must be the actual physical address of the buyer, and not the address of a third-party or proxy. For import customs purposes when an item is to be shipped to a foreign country, we insist on declaring the actual value of the item sold (i.e., the price paid for the item by the buyer) so please do not ask us to do otherwise in order to avoid paying applicable import duty, taxes, etc. We reserve the right to cancel any sale that does not comply with these requirements.7. Absolute satisfaction guarantee
We want you to be completely delighted with your purchase; but if not, our return policy is simple. We ask you to follow these easy steps:
a) If you have an issue with some aspect of the keyboard, please DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust it without first contacting us;
b) Contact us immediately via messaging for further c) Save all packing materials and contents, do not discard anything;
d) In the unlikely event of shipping damage, cooperate with our insurer's attempts to verify the damage. Please note that refunds or replacements are not offered in the event a keyboard is returned:
a) With damage, alterations, or modifications made or caused by the buyer;
b) With damage that occurred during return shipping as a result of the buyer not packing it according to our instructions;
c) Missing custom-made or manufacturer-made packing materials that were included in the listing;
d) Missing parts or accessories that were present on, in, or supplied with, the keyboard as it was shipped to the buyerIf the original packing materials were damaged in transit and cannot be reused, let us know so we can provide alternate packing instructions.
We highly recommend that you save the box and all packing materials for future storage or shipping requirements, as these provide excellent protection for the keyboard and accessories.
Do not discard the box or other packing materials until you're sure you won't be returning the keyboard, as these will be required if a refund or replacement is requested, and must be used to return the keyboard if at all possible. Your purchase of this item will constitute your acceptance of this requirement. A few additional notes:
IBM Model M keyboards were originally designed for both casual and serious typing, data-entry, and other general-purpose usage. They were produced long before the advent of today's highly sophisticated computer games, and are generally not recommended for certain computer gaming applications due to their inherent 2-key rollover limitation. This means a maximum of 2 regular keys plus up to 3 modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) may be pressed simultaneously and register correctly. Some games require multiple keys in excess of this limit to initiate various actions within the game; thus potential buyers are hereby forewarned that this keyboard may not be satisfactory for that purpose.If your computer has a PS/2 keyboard port and you intend to use this instead of a USB port, please be sure your PS/2 port can supply the roughly 112mA current required by the Model M keyboard. If in doubt check your computer's specs or contact its manufacturer for this information.Most USB ports on modern computers will supply the current required by the Model M when it's used with an appropriate active PS/2-USB converter, such as the one we supply. Passive PS/2-USB wiring adapters are not recommended for use with the Model M due to various incompatibility issues reported by users.Model M keyboards are NOT spill-proof. We advise you to NEVER spill any liquids into or onto your Model M, regardless of what you may have heard about their spill-resistance. And no, you cannot safely clean a Model M in your dishwasher (again, regardless of what you may have heard) without the risk of causing serious damage such as rust or corrosion of the internal steel plate, contamination of the internal membrane layers, rusted springs, etc., so please don't try this!

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