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NEW Box JUNIPER POWER SUPPLY EX-PWR3-930-AC. W/ Accessories. For Sale


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Hi, this sale is for a new and manufacturer sealed:
Juniper Networks, Power Supply(1P) Product Number: EX-PWR3-930-AC
Item was sealed but I opened it to show in pictures what you are receiving
Item has never been used or tampered with in any way, just opened for picture purposes.
I purchased a large box of random computer/IT equipment and this was one of them items included in it. I am not familiar with the item other than what is posted on the box. It has never been opened and still has the Juniper Manufacturer tape. The item has been store in a climate-controlled area.
You will receive everything picturedI have included pictures of the items showing serial numbers so that you can do any research needed.
Please do any research needed and please ask any and all questions that you may have. I will try my best to answer any questions or provide any pictures needed in other to ensure a smooth transaction for both majority of my sales are Health & Beauty which is why I have so many disclaimers, however, please do take a look at the remainder of the information in this listing for some of the information does and will apply to this particular item. Upon purchasing you have acknowledged the information given and do agree to it. I try to be as thorough as I can with what little information is given but do know that is has never been read the following information before making any purchases !!!🌟🌟🌟🌟

I ask that if there are any problems that I be contacted within 24 hours of receiving. Please do not have item in your possession for more than 48 hours as it makes it tougher for me to assess the situation. Please work with me so that I can work with you

I try my best to give an accurate description of each item, including any and all flaws that I see but If you have any questions about this sale please feel free to contact me :)

I purchase from as well so I try my best to make people as happy as I would like to be when receiving items.

I apologize for the long list of disclaimers but these are due to past experiences with ers who have abused the policies and made it difficult for others to conduct a legitimate business.

***June 2015 buyer changes***

Due to an increase in buyers placing offers at the last minute and never paying and buyers bypassing buyer block list by creating multiple accounts I am no longer accepting new buyers with less than 5 response to place offers on my items. I am sorry for any inconvenience but this has become a problem. If it is an item you truly want please send me a message and I will take your offer into consideration. I give buyers 4 days to pay then allows another 4-5 days before I can finally relist the item. It takes time away from me being able to sell when someone places a offer and never goes through with it. I give ample time to pay and in the past when messaged about payment have given previous customers up to 2 weeks to pay. I am a very patient and flexible person but do not like to be taken advantage.

*****Summer weather disclaimer****

Due to the summer weather, when purchasing items that may melt or change shape, please let item settle before opening. I will try my best to ensure that there are no issues but cannot control how a carrier may keep an item during delivery.

**** Items with or without expirations dates****

I try to the best of my ability to sell quality items and not list an item with a known expiration date unless noted in the description.

The FDA does not regulate makeup and require expiration dates on products, but I do provide expiration dates on my listing when available. I can't offer refunds based on someone's opinion of expired when there is not an expiration date on my product.

Here is a link for any information over the following information above

***For items saying -not for resale, etc.**

If there are issues with "not for resale, or gwp items" please do not offer on item. I will be forced to cancel any offers from any buyer who offers w/o reading the entire description. These items are sold all over , and it is sold at the sellers discretion. It isn't fair for the seller to receive negative response because the buyer is unhappy with the fact that the item is "gwp" or "not for resale". The buyer knowingly purchased beforehand thus reading the description left by the seller and knowingly purchasing an item that was a "gwp"

For items with - "Sample / Not for resale" this is a company designation to it's retailers; i.e., Usually a type of contract concerning the sale of company samples between seller and retailer. This, however, does not concern third parties who happen to come into possession of such items. Once these items become the persons/sellers property, it is up to their discretion to do with and to deal with, as the new owner sees fit - and that may include selling the items.

*****for lot sales*****

I do not compare my prices to others selling on . These lots are intended for people to get a deal, try different fragrances/items and are supposed to be fun! :) I pick a price to start my offers at and at the final offer, once the item reaches its final destination if someone for any reason needs a partial refund due to leakage or any other issue the refund will be based on number of items in lot divided by the ending total and not based on what others may be listed for.

If this does not sound reasonable please feel free not to offer. I would not want you unhappy with the outcome if a partial refund is called for.

I do ask that you please pay within 3 days after end of sale. If you need more time that's perfectly alright just message me to let me know. After the 3 days will automatically open a unpaid item case against buyer; so please let me know if you need more time.

*****Makeup Returns******

On makeup returns for hygienic reasons, all sales are final unless the item is still sealed. Because I cannot sell an item that has been touched, if an item is manufacturer sealed and the seal is broken it cannot be returned. Makeup can only be returned if it is in the same fashion in which it was received.

**when applicable**

I will allow a partial or full refund within 14 days after end of sale, just please message me with the issue before leaving neutral or negative response. I also ask that you contact me with any issues within 24 hours after receiving item. I typically will reply same day, if not within a few hours after initial contact.

Due to hygienic reasons, I can only accept returns on cosmetics if it is returned in the manner in which it has been purchased. If the seal has been broken I cannot accept it because I have no idea if the item has been tampered with or not. This would be unfair and potentially unsanitary for a future buyer in the event that you change your mind or because of buyers remorse.
Please be considerate of this, though I will try and work something out because all scenarios are different ;)!

Your100% satisfaction is important to me, I want you happy with my sale and your winning item and/or items :)

*****international offerding*****

For international buyers any winning international offer will be invoiced additional shipping charges. Or you can use the global shipping program which is a lot easier for the buyer. I can ship worldwide so please check the global shipping program to see costs to your area. If your item is not eligible for global shipping, international shipping usually starts at around $25 and goes up depending on size of package. This should give you an idea of what to expect for shipping internationally.

******Combined shipping********

If you are offerding on multiple items please let me know so that I can group it all at the end and combine the shipping for you. I love combining shipping so that you can save additional money!! 😜

*******Shipping charges**********
some items are listed as flat rate for shipping. What you are charged is what I pay when creating your shipping label (usually I pay for some not included in your total cost) all packages regardless of size are shipped via usps which include a tracking number

I do not make money off of shipping so I apologize if you feel shipping is too high but those are the USPS costs.

I try to ship out within 24 hours sometimes same day if I am able to get them packed up and sent out before USPS shows up.

I try to ship out on weekends but have no say during holidays :-)! So please be aware that during holidays your item may be delayed by 1-2 days depending on how backlogged USPS is.

***********please read*********
Please, please do not leave negative response due to issues with the postal system. I ship items out day after it is paid and strive to the best of my ability that you receive your item in a timely manner. But, once your package leaves my hands, I cannot control what goes on, on their end. I use the every day USPS in which I directly hand the item to the person picking up/dropping off mail. It hurts my rating when postal issues out of my control are taken out on me. If something is delayed please please let me know so that we can communicate to one another on what to do :). If this is an issue please feel free not to offer, I wouldn't want unrealistic expectations made on something that is not in my control.

Thank you and happy offerding!!
Added 01/01/2018
Please read VeRO members
I'm not affiliated or endorsed by any companies mentioned in this listing or any of my listings that are in my store. All trademarks and copyrights have been acknowledged and are only used as an informative description of the items offered for sale in order to be as thorough as possible and provide Important details to potential buyers. All items are authentic as evidenced in photos, have been legally acquired and owned, and hence covered under First Sale Doctrine. Unlawful VeRO removal of this listing could result in potential legal action as it is in violation of my selling rights. Thank you!

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