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PALO ALTO PA-500 8-Port Router For Sale

PALO ALTO PA-500 8-Port Router

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PALO ALTO PA-500 8-Port Router:

General InformationManufacturer: PALO ALTO
Model: PA-500
Ports: 8
Port Speed:
Firmware OS Version:
Module Part Numbers:
Cut/Paste from Hyperterminal:

Welcome to the PanOS Bootloader.

U-Boot (Build time: Sep 04 2014 - 10:43:28)

BIST check passed.
PEREGRINE board revision major:2, minor:1, serial #: 009401009107
OCTEON CN5220-CP pass 2.0, Core clock: 500 MHz, DDR clock: 265 MHz (530 Mhz data rate)
Clearing DRAM........ done
Using default environment

Flash: 32 MiB
Starting PCI
PCIe: Port 0 link active, 1 lanes
Net: octeth0 [PRIME], octeth1, octeth2, octeth3
ata0: lba 48 mode
Model: WDC WD2503ABYZ-011FA0 Firm: 01.01S03 Ser#: WD-WMAYP8212697
Type: Hard Disk
Supports 48-bit addressing
Capacity: 239429.0 MB = 233.8 GB (490350672 x 512)
USB: (port 1) scanning bus for devices... No USB Device found

Autoboot to default partition in 5 seconds.
Enter 'maint' to boot to maint partition.

Entry: maint

Booting to maint mode.

Allocating memory for ELF segment: addr: 0xffffffff80100000 (adjusted to: 0x100000), size 0xd96bb0
Allocated memory for ELF segment: addr: 0xffffffff80100000, size 0xd96bb0
Bootloader: Done loading app on coremask: 0x3
Starting cores 0x3
Linux version (gcc version 4.3.3 (Cavium Networks Version: 2_2_0 build 113) ) #2 SMP Mon Oct 6 11:51:15 PDT 2014
CVMSEG size: 2 cache lines (256 bytes)
Cavium Networks SDK-2.0
bootconsole [early0] enabled
CPU revision is: 000d0708 (Cavium Octeon+)
Checking for the multiply/shift bug... no.
Checking for the daddiu bug... no.
Determined physical RAM map:
memory: 0000000000048000 0000000000da8000 (usable after init)
memory: 0000000007000000 0000000000f00000 (usable)
memory: 0000000007c00000 0000000008200000 (usable)
memory: 0000000060000000 0000000020000000 (usable)
memory: 000000000f800000 0000000410000000 (usable)
INIT: version 2.86 booting

Welcome to PanOS
Setting clock (utc): Mon Oct 2 12:02:46 PDT 2017 [ OK ]
Starting udev: [ OK ]
Setting hostname pa-germany: [ OK ]
Checking filesystems:
Running filesystem check on pancfg: [FIXED]
Running filesystem check on panrepo: [ OK ]
[ OK ]
Remounting root filesystem in read-write mode: [ OK ]
mount: can't find / in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
Enabling /etc/fstab swaps: [ OK ]
INIT: Entering runlevel: 3
Entering non-interactive startup
Starting Networking: [ OK ]
Starting system logger: [ OK ]
Starting kernel logger: [ OK ]
Starting irqbalance: [ OK ]
Starting portmap: [ OK ]
Starting NFS statd: [ OK ]
Starting panhttpd: [ OK ]
Starting sshd: [ OK ]
Starting ha-sshd: [ OK ]
Starting xinetd: [ OK ]
Starting ntpd: [ OK ]
Starting NFS services: [ OK ]
Starting NFS daemon: [ OK ]
Starting NFS mountd: [ OK ]
Starting PAN Software: [ OK ]

Welcome to the Maintenance Recovery Tool

Welcome to maintenance mode.

< Continue >

Q=Quit, Up/Down=Navigate, ENTER=Select, ESC=Back

Factory Reset

WARNING: Performing a factory reset will remove all logs and configuration.

Using Image:
(X) panos-6.0.6

< Factory Reset >

< Advanced >

Q=Quit, Up/Down=Navigate, ENTER=Select, ESC=Back

Factory Reset Status

Percent Complete

100 %


AC Adapter?: No
Overall Condition: Used
Cosmetic Condition: In Good Condition, Minor Scratches
Functional Condition: Tested to console.Notes: Includes only what is shown in the images. Does not include any additional parts, cables, or documentation. Tested to console & reset.

PAYMENT & SHIPPING to 's payment policies, Liquis can only accept electronic forms of payment. Payments must be made via Paypal or credit card.
W- 10 lbs.
w - 3
All items must be picked up or shipped out within15 days of purchasefrom Liquis Warehouse or it will revert to becoming the property of Liquis. Any items that are not picked upwithin7days will have warehouse storage fees added on to the handling fees.

UPS Ground Shipping& HandlingCharge in USA:

[[UPS Worldwide to U.K. and Canada only.

There will be a 20% restocking fee on all returned items that match the Item SHIPPING

We do offer the option tocombine ship multiple sales for a lower shipping cost.Send an e-mail when you've completed your purchase. Please include all sale numbers for reference.

The rate for combined shipping is FULL price on theheaviest item.All items after that are half shipping price as long as they fit into the same box.

Note: We doNOToffer combine shipping onPC's or Desktop LCD Monitors.

Our offices are open from 10:00AM-3:00PM Central Time Tuesday Through Thursday.We are closed on the weekends.Please allow 1-3 business days to reply to all e-mails. For any questions call 1-800-437-9703 EXT. PICKUP FEE HANDLING ItemEach Additional PCs And Servers$20$20All PC OVER 75 LBS.

Local Pickup Fee Rates only apply ifthe buyer is picking up the items in person at ourTulsa location. Liquis reserves the rights to charge additional handling fees per discretion when a 3rd party is involved. Please contact us for any additional handling fees if we're shippingout the item(s)on your own shipping account.

If you use your own freight carrier for items weighing over 75lbs for one unit or combine shipping, you will be responsible for all arrangements. You must call ahead and schedule an appointment.This option will incur a handling/palletizing fee of $35-$75 per pallet + Pickup Fees rates based on the Weight, Dimensions and the amount of units placed on the pallet for Computer Equipment and $50-$125 per pallet for Industrial Equipment per Liquis's Discretion.


Unless stated otherwise in the Hardware Info or Overall System Summary above,none of the following items are included: Software, Documentation, Cables, Batteries, AC Power Adapters, Power Supplies, Desktop LCD Stands/VGA Cables/Accessories, Toner Cartridges, or Power Cords.Any device that requires a battery the length of the batteries runtime is not guaranteed in any way.No additional items are included unless stated specifically in the sale.Please donotinquire if we have any accessories for sale unless they're found in ourstore.Please read below for terms, conditions and shipping costs before PAYMENT INFORMATION

To Customers whointend topaywith Paypal:We will only ship to your Confirmed Address.We can not take requests to ship to an alternate address. Ensure you have the correct confirmed mailing address on file with Paypal before offerding or submitting payment.This is company policy. All Paypal payments that do not meet these conditions will be immediately refunded.

To International Customers:We only accept Paypal Payments from a Confirmed Address. All International Shipments are sent through UPS/FEDEXGlobal.We do not ship by USPS International Airmail/EMS/Surface Mail.The buyerwill be responsible for all taxes, duties or incurred fees upon offerding on this item. Any additional fees upon receipt of the item will be the responsibility of the LEGAL INFORMATION ***PLEASE READ BEFORE sells a wide variety of used products that were previously in use in corporate environments. Liquis has skilled technicians on staff that handles the item(s) prior to being put up for offerding in this sale. Although we are able to test the vast majority of what we sell, we do not have the equipment or accessories necessary to adequately test some of our products. In these cases, we will sale these items and indicate that they have been marked Untested, “Parts/Fix”, or are not in good, used condition.

Any product listed AS-IS, UNTESTED, PARTS/FIX doesnotqualify for the Liquis DOA Warranty. Functionality of the unit is not coveredunder our DOA Warranty for items tested "Power On Only". Liquis's DOA/Replacement Warranty will not cover/replace Laptop/Desktop LCDs with 10 dead pixels or less. This covers any New or Used LCDs. Please read the sale description carefully prior to offerding or submitting a COMPUTER AND INDUSTRIAL drives are checked in Fdisk and checked to see if recognized in BIOS and then erased/DoD wiped. No other implied condition is represented by the description above. Any preinstalled software on the hard drive(s) is removed. This includes any Operating System (Windows).

Before inquiring if we have any items in stock, please check ourstore. You mayuse the search function at the top of the sale to searchour inventory.All active inventory can be found in our align="center">

Please visit our store,Liquis High Tech Equipmentfor many more products!Copyright © 2017 Liquis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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