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SONICWALL TZ270 Base Security Appliance (02-SSC-2821) - Open Box For Sale

SONICWALL TZ270 Base Security Appliance (02-SSC-2821) - Open Box

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SONICWALL TZ270 Base Security Appliance (02-SSC-2821) - Open Box:

General Information

Condition:Open Box
Fulfillment:UPS, FedEx, or USPS
Manufacturer Part:02-SSC-2821
Brand: Sonicwall


The latest SonicWall TZ series, are the first desktop form factor next-generation firewalls (NGFW) with 10 or 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The series consist of a wide range of products to suit a variety of use cases.

Designed for small, mid-sized organizations and distributed enterprise with SD-Branch locations, the 7th generation (Gen 7) TZ series delivers industry-validated security effectiveness with unmatched cost performance. These NGFWs address the growing trends in web encryption, connected devices and high-speed mobility by delivering a solution that meets the need for automated, real-time breach detection and prevention.

The Gen 7 TZ series are highly scalable, with high port density of up to 10 ports. It features both inbuilt and an expandable storage of up to 256GB, that enables various features including logging, reporting, caching, firmware backup and more. An optional second power supply provides added redundancy in case of failure on select models.

Deployment of Gen 7 TZs are further simplified by Zero-Touch Deployment, with the ability to simultaneously roll out these devices across multiple locations with minimal IT support. Built on next-gen hardware, it integrates firewalling, switching and wireless capabilities, plus provides single-pane-of-glass management for SonicWall Switches and SonicWave Access Points. It allows tight integration with Capture Client for seamless endpoint security.


  • Save space and money with an integrated gateway security solution with firewalling, switching and wireless capabilities
  • Reduce complexity and get the business running without relying on IT personnel with easy onboarding using SonicExpress App and Zero-Touch Deployment, and easy management through a single pane of glass
  • Attain business continuity by providing failover to cellular connectivity
  • Protect network from attacks with a comprehensive security solution that incorporates VPN, IPS, CFS, AV and much more
  • Leverage high port density to power on multiple PoE devices such as IP phones and IP cameras

Small to Medium size Business

Distributed Enterprise with SD-Branches

TZ270 SeriesTZ370 SeriesTZ470 SeriesTZ570 SeriesTZ670 SeriesInterfaces8x1GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console8x1GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console8x1GbE, 2x2.5GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console8x1GbE, 2x5GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 Console8x1GbE, 2x10GbE, 2 USB 3.0, 1 ConsoleWireless Support2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 (TZ270W)2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 (TZ370W)2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 (TZ470W)2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 (TZ570W)N/APower over Ethernet (PoE) supportN/AN/AN/A5 PoE or 3PoE+ (TZ570P)N/AVLAN interfaces64128128256256Access points supported (maximum)1616323232Firewall Inspection Throughput2 Gbps3 Gbps3.5 Gbps4 Gbps5 GbpsApplication Inspection Throughput1 Gbps1.5 Gbps2 Gbps2.5 Gbps3 GbpsIPS Throughput1 Gbps1.5 Gbps2 Gbps2.5 Gbps3 GbpsThreat Prevention Throughput750 Mbps1 Gbps1.5 Gbps2 Gbps2.5 GbpsVPN Throughput750 Mbps1.3 Gbps1.5 Gbps1.8 Gbps2.1 GbpsSonicOS and Security Services

The SonicOS architectureis at the core of TZ NGFWs. Gen 7 TZs are powered by the feature rich SonicOS 7.0 operating system with new modern looking UX/UI, advanced security, networking and management capabilities. Gen 7 TZ features integrated SD-WAN, TLS 1.3 support, real-time visualization, high-speed virtual private networking (VPN) and other robust security features.

Unknown threats are sent to SonicWall’s cloud-based Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) multiengine sandbox for analysis. Enhancing Capture ATP is our patent pending Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) technology. As one of Capture ATP’s engine, RTDMI detects and blocks malware and zero-day threats by inspecting directly in memory.

By leveraging Capture ATP with RTDMI technology, in addition to security services such as Reassembly Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI), Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Protection, intrusion prevention system, Application Intelligence and Control, Content Filtering Services, DPI-SSL, TZ series firewalls stop malware, ransomware and other advanced threats at the gateway.

SonicWall security servicesturns firewall into a complete security solution. The security services is offered in three subscription bundles – Threat, Essential and Advanced Protection. (i) SonicWall Threat Protection Service Suite includes basic security services needed to ensure that the network is protected from threats in a cost-effective bundle. (ii) SonicWall Essential Protection Service Suite provides all essential security services needed to protect against known & unknown threats. (iii) SonicWall Advanced Protection Service Suite offers advanced security to extend the security of your network with cloud essential security services.

TZ270 Threat Edition BundlesTZ270 Essential Edition BundlesTZ270 Advanced Edition BundlesTZ270W Threat Edition BundlesTZ270W Essential Edition BundlesTZ270W Advanced Edition Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control✓✓✓✓✓✓Content Filtering x 7 Support✓✓✓✓✓✓Network Visibility✓✓✓✓✓✓Capture ATP (Multi-Engine) Sandboxing✓✓✓✓RTDMI Technology✓✓✓✓DNS Security✓✓✓✓✓✓Cloud Management and Cloud based Reporting (7 days)✓✓Store Policy

All hardware items can be returned within 30 days after you received the item. 15% Restocking fee will apply if it's opened, used, or it's no longer in the same condition as it was received, otherwise, you are eligible for a full refund. If you purchased a bundle (hardware and subscription) you must return the unit to the manufacturer. We can provide the invoice and other documentations as needed to validate your purchase.

Purchasing this listing gives you 100% gray stock protection with peace of mind.

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