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Family: Windows : Microsoft Bulletins --> Category: infos

Trusting domains bad verification Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan Summary
Acertains the presence of the relevant security fixes

Detailed Explanation for this Vulnerability Test

Trust relationships are created between Windows NT or Windows 2000
domains to allow users in one domain to access resources in other domains
without requiring them to authenticate separately to each domain.
When a user in a trusted domain requests access to a resource in a trusting
domain, the trusted domain supplies authorization data in the form of a list
of Security Identifiers (SIDs) that indicate the user's identity and group
memberships. The trusting domain uses this data to acertain whether to
grant the user's request.

A vulnerability exists because the trusting domain does not verify that
the trusted domain is actually authoritative for all the SIDs in the
authorization data. If one of the SIDs in the list identified a user
or security group that is not in the trusted domain, the trusting domain
would accept the information and use it for subsequent access control
decisions. If a possible hacker inserted SIDs of his choice into the
authorization data at the trusted domain, he could elevate his rights
to those associated with any desired user or group, including the Domain
Administrators group for the trusting domain. This would enable the attacker
to gain full Domain Administrator access on computers in the trusting domain.

Solution : see
Threat Level: Medium

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