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VSS Server Licensing

If your an IT professional, consultant or firm that needs to perform vulnerability and penetration testing on a regular basis, licensing one of our VSS Scanner Servers is a great way to have unlimited scanning at your disposal.

Our VSS Scanner Servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center featuring redundant high bandwidth connectivity through multiple Tier 1 service providers with a 99.99% uptime track record. Backup power is provided by an auto-switched power generator and centralized UPS systems provide power conditioning and to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Each licensed VSS Scanner Server has its vulnerability database and operating system updated on a daily basis to ensure that scans are complete and current with today’s ever-changing network environment.

A Microsoft Windows based client is used to securely login to the VSS Scanning Server from any location with an internet connection to perform scans and produce reports. The client allows detailed customization of each scan being performed and can produce reports in HTML, PDF and TEXT formats.

VSS Scanning Server Benefits:

  • Run an unlimited amount of scans during the licensing period.
  • Easy to use Microsoft Windows based client.
  • Multiple personnel can be logged into the server at once via the client performing simultaneous scans.
  • Scans are customizable via the client.
  • Produce reports in HTML, PDF or TEXT format.
  • Scanning multiple client systems for vulnerabilities can generate a tremendous amount outgoing network connections. Since the connections are actually going out our from our network, from our server, your LAN and firewall will not be taxed. You will not experience network slowdowns as you might if you were actually performing the scans in-house on your own LAN.
  • Many ISP’s frown upon running vulnerability tests from their networks. We have special agreements in place to ensure that the vulnerability testing occurs from our servers unfettered.
  • Server is setup, configured, updated and managed by VSS, LLC.

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