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Ubuntu Local Security Checks Vulnerabilities

Name Summary
USN1-1 : PNG library vulnerabilities PNG library vulnerabilities
USN10-1 : XML library vulnerabilities XML library vulnerabilities
USN100-1 : cdrtools vulnerability cdrtools vulnerability
USN101-1 : netkit-telnet vulnerabilities netkit-telnet vulnerabilities
USN102-1 : sharutils vulnerabilities sharutils vulnerabilities
USN103-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN104-1 : sharutils vulnerability sharutils vulnerability
USN105-1 : php4 vulnerabilities php4 vulnerabilities
USN106-1 : gaim vulnerabilities gaim vulnerabilities
USN107-1 : ipsec-tools vulnerability ipsec-tools vulnerability
USN108-1 : gtk+2.0, gdk-pixbuf vulnerabilities gtk+2.0, gdk-pixbuf vulnerabilities
USN109-1 : mysql-dfsg vulnerability mysql-dfsg vulnerability
USN11-1 : libgd2 vulnerabilities libgd2 vulnerabilities
USN110-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN111-1 : squid vulnerability squid vulnerability
USN112-1 : php4 vulnerabilities php4 vulnerabilities
USN113-1 : libnet-ssleay-perl vulnerability libnet-ssleay-perl vulnerability
USN114-1 : kdelibs vulnerability kdelibs vulnerability
USN114-2 : kdelibs fixed packages kdelibs fixed packages
USN115-1 : kdewebdev vulnerability kdewebdev vulnerability
USN116-1 : gzip vulnerabilities gzip vulnerabilities
USN117-1 : cvs vulnerability cvs vulnerability
USN118-1 : postgresql vulnerabilities postgresql vulnerabilities
USN119-1 : tcpdump vulnerabilities tcpdump vulnerabilities
USN12-1 : ppp Denial of Service ppp Denial of Service
USN120-1 : apache2 vulnerability apache2 vulnerability
USN121-1 : vulnerability vulnerability
USN122-1 : squid vulnerability squid vulnerability
USN123-1 : xine-lib vulnerabilities xine-lib vulnerabilities
USN124-1 : mozilla-firefox, mozilla vulnerabilities mozilla-firefox, mozilla vulnerabilities
USN124-2 : mozilla-firefox bug fix mozilla-firefox bug fix
USN125-1 : gaim vulnerabilities gaim vulnerabilities
USN126-1 : gnutls11, gnutls10 vulnerability gnutls11, gnutls10 vulnerability
USN127-1 : bzip2 vulnerabilities bzip2 vulnerabilities
USN128-1 : nasm vulnerability nasm vulnerability
USN129-1 : squid vulnerability squid vulnerability
USN13-1 : groff utility vulnerability groff utility vulnerability
USN130-1 : tiff vulnerability tiff vulnerability
USN131-1 : linux-source-, linux-source-2.6.10 vulnerabilities linux-source-, linux-source-2.6.10 vulnerabilities
USN132-1 : imagemagick vulnerabilities imagemagick vulnerabilities
USN133-1 : apache vulnerability apache vulnerability
USN134-1 : mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities
USN135-1 : gdb vulnerabilities gdb vulnerabilities
USN136-1 : binutils vulnerability binutils vulnerability
USN136-2 : binutils regression binutils regression
USN137-1 : linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN138-1 : gedit vulnerability gedit vulnerability
USN139-1 : gaim vulnerability gaim vulnerability
USN14-1 : xpdf vulnerabilities xpdf vulnerabilities
USN140-1 : gaim vulnerability gaim vulnerability
USN141-1 : tcpdump vulnerability tcpdump vulnerability
USN142-1 : sudo vulnerability sudo vulnerability
USN143-1 : linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN144-1 : dbus vulnerability dbus vulnerability
USN145-1 : wget vulnerabilities wget vulnerabilities
USN145-2 : wget bug fix wget bug fix
USN146-1 : ruby1.8 vulnerability ruby1.8 vulnerability
USN147-1 : php4, php4-universe vulnerability php4, php4-universe vulnerability
USN147-2 : php4, php4-universe fixed packages php4, php4-universe fixed packages
USN148-1 : zlib vulnerability zlib vulnerability
USN149-1 : mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities
USN149-2 : mozilla-firefox regressions mozilla-firefox regressions
USN149-3 : mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities
USN15-1 : lvm10 vulnerability lvm10 vulnerability
USN150-1 : kdelibs vulnerability kdelibs vulnerability
USN151-1 : zlib vulnerability zlib vulnerability
USN151-2 : dpkg, ia32-libs, amd64-libs vulnerabilities dpkg, ia32-libs, amd64-libs vulnerabilities
USN151-3 : aide vulnerabilities aide vulnerabilities
USN151-4 : rpm vulnerability rpm vulnerability
USN152-1 : openldap2, libpam-ldap, libnss-ldap vulnerabilities openldap2, libpam-ldap, libnss-ldap vulnerabilities
USN153-1 : fetchmail vulnerability fetchmail vulnerability
USN154-1 : vim vulnerability vim vulnerability
USN155-1 : mozilla vulnerabilities mozilla vulnerabilities
USN155-2 : epiphany-browser regressions epiphany-browser regressions
USN155-3 : mozilla-locale-... updates mozilla-locale-... updates
USN156-1 : tiff vulnerability tiff vulnerability
USN157-1 : mozilla-thunderbird vulnerabilities mozilla-thunderbird vulnerabilities
USN157-2 : updated enigmail updated enigmail
USN158-1 : gzip vulnerability gzip vulnerability
USN159-1 : unzip vulnerability unzip vulnerability
USN16-1 : perl vulnerabilities perl vulnerabilities
USN160-1 : apache2 vulnerabilities apache2 vulnerabilities
USN160-2 : apache vulnerability apache vulnerability
USN161-1 : bzip2 vulnerability bzip2 vulnerability
USN162-1 : ekg vulnerabilities ekg vulnerabilities
USN163-1 : xpdf vulnerability xpdf vulnerability
USN164-1 : netpbm-free vulnerability netpbm-free vulnerability
USN165-1 : heartbeat vulnerability heartbeat vulnerability
USN166-1 : evolution vulnerabilities evolution vulnerabilities
USN167-1 : awstats vulnerability awstats vulnerability
USN168-1 : gaim vulnerabilities gaim vulnerabilities
USN169-1 : linux-source-, linux-source-2.6.10 vulnerabilities linux-source-, linux-source-2.6.10 vulnerabilities
USN17-1 : passwd vulnerabilities passwd vulnerabilities
USN170-1 : gnupg vulnerability gnupg vulnerability
USN171-1 : php4 vulnerabilities php4 vulnerabilities
USN172-1 : lm-sensors vulnerabilities lm-sensors vulnerabilities
USN173-1 : pcre3 vulnerability pcre3 vulnerability
USN173-2 : pcre3, apache2 vulnerabilities pcre3, apache2 vulnerabilities
USN173-3 : apache2 bug fix apache2 bug fix
USN173-4 : python2.1, python2.2, python2.3, gnumeric vulnerabilities python2.1, python2.2, python2.3, gnumeric vulnerabilities
USN174-1 : courier vulnerability courier vulnerability
USN175-1 : ntp vulnerability ntp vulnerability
USN176-1 : kdebase vulnerability kdebase vulnerability
USN177-1 : apache2, libapache-mod-ssl vulnerabilities apache2, libapache-mod-ssl vulnerabilities
USN178-1 : linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN179-1 : openssl weak default configuration openssl weak default configuration
USN18-1 : zip vulnerability zip vulnerability
USN180-1 : mysql-dfsg vulnerability mysql-dfsg vulnerability
USN180-2 : mysql-dfsg-4.1 vulnerability mysql-dfsg-4.1 vulnerability
USN181-1 : mozilla, mozilla-thunderbird, mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities mozilla, mozilla-thunderbird, mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities
USN182-1 : xorg, xfree86 vulnerabilities xorg, xfree86 vulnerabilities
USN183-1 : squid vulnerabilities squid vulnerabilities
USN184-1 : util-linux vulnerability util-linux vulnerability
USN185-1 : cupsys vulnerability cupsys vulnerability
USN186-1 : mozilla, mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities mozilla, mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities
USN186-2 : mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities mozilla-firefox vulnerabilities
USN187-1 : linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN188-1 : abiword vulnerability abiword vulnerability
USN189-1 : cpio vulnerabilities cpio vulnerabilities
USN19-1 : squid vulnerabilities squid vulnerabilities
USN190-1 : net-snmp vulnerability net-snmp vulnerability
USN190-2 : ucd-snmp vulnerability ucd-snmp vulnerability
USN191-1 : unzip vulnerability unzip vulnerability
USN192-1 : squid vulnerability squid vulnerability
USN193-1 : dia vulnerability dia vulnerability
USN194-1 : texinfo vulnerability texinfo vulnerability
USN194-2 : texinfo regression bug fix texinfo regression bug fix
USN195-1 : ruby1.8 vulnerability ruby1.8 vulnerability
USN196-1 : xine-lib vulnerability xine-lib vulnerability
USN197-1 : shorewall vulnerability shorewall vulnerability
USN198-1 : cfengine vulnerabilities cfengine vulnerabilities
USN199-1 : linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN2-1 : xpdf vulnerabilities xpdf vulnerabilities
USN20-1 : ruby1.8 vulnerability ruby1.8 vulnerability
USN200-1 : mozilla-thunderbird vulnerabilities mozilla-thunderbird vulnerabilities
USN201-1 : courier vulnerabilities courier vulnerabilities
USN202-1 : koffice vulnerability koffice vulnerability
USN203-1 : abiword vulnerabilities abiword vulnerabilities
USN204-1 : openssl vulnerability openssl vulnerability
USN205-1 : curl, wget vulnerabilities curl, wget vulnerabilities
USN206-1 : lynx vulnerability lynx vulnerability
USN206-2 : lynx regression fix lynx regression fix
USN207-1 : php4 vulnerability php4 vulnerability
USN208-1 : graphviz vulnerability graphviz vulnerability
USN209-1 : openssh vulnerability openssh vulnerability
USN21-1 : libgd vulnerabilities libgd vulnerabilities
USN210-1 : netpbm-free vulnerability netpbm-free vulnerability
USN211-1 : enigmail vulnerability enigmail vulnerability
USN212-1 : libgda2 vulnerability libgda2 vulnerability
USN213-1 : sudo vulnerability sudo vulnerability
USN214-1 : libungif4 vulnerabilities libungif4 vulnerabilities
USN215-1 : fetchmail vulnerability fetchmail vulnerability
USN216-1 : gtk+2.0, gdk-pixbuf vulnerabilities gtk+2.0, gdk-pixbuf vulnerabilities
USN217-1 : inkscape vulnerability inkscape vulnerability
USN218-1 : netpbm-free vulnerabilities netpbm-free vulnerabilities
USN22-1 : samba vulnerability samba vulnerability
USN220-1 : w3c-libwww vulnerability w3c-libwww vulnerability
USN221-1 : ipsec-tools vulnerability ipsec-tools vulnerability
USN222-1 : perl vulnerability perl vulnerability
USN222-2 : perl vulnerability perl vulnerability
USN223-1 : inkscape vulnerability inkscape vulnerability
USN224-1 : krb4, krb5 vulnerabilities krb4, krb5 vulnerabilities
USN225-1 : apache2 vulnerability apache2 vulnerability
USN226-1 : courier vulnerability courier vulnerability
USN227-1 : xpdf/cupsys/tetex-bin/kdegraphics/koffice vulnerabilities xpdf/cupsys/tetex-bin/kdegraphics/koffice vulnerabilities
USN228-1 : curl vulnerability curl vulnerability
USN229-1 : zope2.8 vulnerability zope2.8 vulnerability
USN23-1 : apache2 vulnerability apache2 vulnerability
USN230-1 : ffmpeg vulnerability ffmpeg vulnerability
USN230-2 : xine-lib vulnerability xine-lib vulnerability
USN231-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN232-1 : php4, php5 vulnerabilities php4, php5 vulnerabilities
USN233-1 : fetchmail vulnerability fetchmail vulnerability
USN234-1 : cpio vulnerability cpio vulnerability
USN235-1 : sudo vulnerability sudo vulnerability
USN235-2 : sudo vulnerability sudo vulnerability
USN236-1 : xpdf, poppler, cupsys, tetex-bin vulnerabilities xpdf, poppler, cupsys, tetex-bin vulnerabilities
USN236-2 : kdegraphics, koffice vulnerabilities kdegraphics, koffice vulnerabilities
USN237-1 : nbd vulnerability nbd vulnerability
USN238-1 : blender vulnerability blender vulnerability
USN238-2 : blender vulnerability blender vulnerability
USN239-1 : libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql vulnerability libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql vulnerability
USN24-1 : openssl script vulnerability openssl script vulnerability
USN240-1 : bogofilter vulnerability bogofilter vulnerability
USN241-1 : apache2, apache vulnerabilities apache2, apache vulnerabilities
USN242-1 : mailman vulnerabilities mailman vulnerabilities
USN243-1 : tuxpaint vulnerability tuxpaint vulnerability
USN244-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN245-1 : kdelibs vulnerability kdelibs vulnerability
USN246-1 : imagemagick vulnerabilities imagemagick vulnerabilities
USN247-1 : heimdal vulnerability heimdal vulnerability
USN248-1 : unzip vulnerability unzip vulnerability
USN248-2 : unzip regression fix unzip regression fix
USN249-1 : xpdf, poppler, kdegraphics vulnerabilities xpdf, poppler, kdegraphics vulnerabilities
USN25-1 : libgd2 vulnerability libgd2 vulnerability
USN250-1 : linux-source-2.6.12 vulnerability linux-source-2.6.12 vulnerability
USN251-1 : libtasn1-2 vulnerability libtasn1-2 vulnerability
USN252-1 : gnupg vulnerability gnupg vulnerability
USN253-1 : heimdal vulnerability heimdal vulnerability
USN254-1 : noweb vulnerability noweb vulnerability
USN255-1 : openssh vulnerability openssh vulnerability
USN256-1 : bluez-hcidump vulnerability bluez-hcidump vulnerability
USN257-1 : tar vulnerability tar vulnerability
USN258-1 : postgresql-7.4, postgresql-8.0, postgresql vulnerability postgresql-7.4, postgresql-8.0, postgresql vulnerability
USN259-1 : irssi-text vulnerability irssi-text vulnerability
USN26-1 : bogofilter vulnerability bogofilter vulnerability
USN260-1 : flex vulnerability flex vulnerability
USN261-1 : php4, php5 vulnerabilities php4, php5 vulnerabilities
USN262-1 : Ubuntu 5.10 installer vulnerability Ubuntu 5.10 installer vulnerability
USN263-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN264-1 : gnupg vulnerability gnupg vulnerability
USN265-1 : libcairo vulnerability libcairo vulnerability
USN266-1 : dia vulnerabilities dia vulnerabilities
USN267-1 : mailman vulnerability mailman vulnerability
USN268-1 : kaffeine vulnerability kaffeine vulnerability
USN269-1 : xscreensaver vulnerability xscreensaver vulnerability
USN27-1 : libxpm4 vulnerability libxpm4 vulnerability
USN270-1 : kdegraphics, koffice, xpdf, cupsys, poppler, tetex-bin vulnerabilities kdegraphics, koffice, xpdf, cupsys, poppler, tetex-bin vulnerabilities
USN271-1 : mozilla-firefox, firefox vulnerabilities mozilla-firefox, firefox vulnerabilities
USN272-1 : cyrus-sasl2 vulnerability cyrus-sasl2 vulnerability
USN273-1 : ruby1.8 vulnerability ruby1.8 vulnerability
USN274-1 : mysql-dfsg vulnerability mysql-dfsg vulnerability
USN274-2 : mysql-dfsg vulnerability mysql-dfsg vulnerability
USN275-1 : mozilla vulnerabilities mozilla vulnerabilities
USN276-1 : mozilla-thunderbird vulnerabilities mozilla-thunderbird vulnerabilities
USN277-1 : tiff vulnerabilities tiff vulnerabilities
USN278-1 : gdm vulnerabilitiy gdm vulnerabilitiy
USN279-1 : libnasl vulnerability libnasl vulnerability
USN28-1 : sudo vulnerability sudo vulnerability
USN280-1 : xorg vulnerability xorg vulnerability
USN281-1 : linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source-2.6.12 vulnerabilities linux-source-2.6.10, linux-source-2.6.12 vulnerabilities
USN282-1 : nagios vulnerability nagios vulnerability
USN283-1 : mysql-dfsg-4.1, mysql-dfsg vulnerabilities mysql-dfsg-4.1, mysql-dfsg vulnerabilities
USN284-1 : quagga vulnerabilities quagga vulnerabilities
USN285-1 : awstats vulnerability awstats vulnerability
USN286-1 : dia vulnerabilities dia vulnerabilities
USN287-1 : nagios vulnerability nagios vulnerability
USN288-1 : postgresql-7.4/-8.0, postgresql, psycopg, postgresql-7.4/-8.0, postgresql, psycopg,
USN29-1 : samba vulnerability samba vulnerability
USN3-1 : GhostScript utility script vulnerabilities GhostScript utility script vulnerabilities
USN30-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN31-1 : cyrus21-imapd vulnerabilities cyrus21-imapd vulnerabilities
USN32-1 : mysql-dfsg vulnerabilities mysql-dfsg vulnerabilities
USN33-1 : libgd vulnerabilities libgd vulnerabilities
USN34-1 : openssh information leakage openssh information leakage
USN35-1 : imagemagick vulnerabilities imagemagick vulnerabilities
USN36-1 : nfs-utils vulnerability nfs-utils vulnerability
USN37-1 : cyrus21-imapd vulnerability cyrus21-imapd vulnerability
USN38-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN39-1 : linux-source- vulnerability linux-source- vulnerability
USN4-1 : Standard C library script vulnerabilities Standard C library script vulnerabilities
USN40-1 : php4 vulnerabilities php4 vulnerabilities
USN41-1 : samba vulnerability samba vulnerability
USN42-1 : xine-lib vulnerabilities xine-lib vulnerabilities
USN43-1 : groff vulnerabilities groff vulnerabilities
USN44-1 : perl vulnerabilities perl vulnerabilities
USN45-1 : nasm vulnerability nasm vulnerability
USN46-1 : tiff vulnerability tiff vulnerability
USN47-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN48-1 : xpdf, tetex-bin vulnerabilities xpdf, tetex-bin vulnerabilities
USN49-1 : debmake vulnerability debmake vulnerability
USN5-1 : gettext vulnerabilities gettext vulnerabilities
USN50-1 : cupsys vulnerabilities cupsys vulnerabilities
USN51-1 : tetex-bin vulnerability tetex-bin vulnerability
USN52-1 : vim vulnerability vim vulnerability
USN53-1 : imlib+png2 vulnerabilities imlib+png2 vulnerabilities
USN54-1 : tiff vulnerability tiff vulnerability
USN55-1 : imlib2 vulnerabilities imlib2 vulnerabilities
USN56-1 : exim4 vulnerabilities exim4 vulnerabilities
USN57-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN58-1 : krb5 vulnerability krb5 vulnerability
USN59-1 : mailman vulnerabilities mailman vulnerabilities
USN6-1 : postgresql contributed script vulnerability postgresql contributed script vulnerability
USN60-0 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN61-1 : vim vulnerabilities vim vulnerabilities
USN62-1 : imagemagick vulnerability imagemagick vulnerability
USN63-1 : mysql-dfsg vulnerability mysql-dfsg vulnerability
USN64-1 : xpdf, cupsys vulnerabilities xpdf, cupsys vulnerabilities
USN65-1 : apache vulnerabilities apache vulnerabilities
USN66-1 : php4 vulnerabilities php4 vulnerabilities
USN66-2 : php4 vulnerability php4 vulnerability
USN67-1 : squid vulnerabilities squid vulnerabilities
USN68-1 : enscript vulnerabilities enscript vulnerabilities
USN69-1 : evolution vulnerability evolution vulnerability
USN7-1 : imagemagick vulnerability imagemagick vulnerability
USN70-1 : libdbi-perl vulnerabilities libdbi-perl vulnerabilities
USN71-1 : postgresql vulnerability postgresql vulnerability
USN72-1 : perl vulnerabilities perl vulnerabilities
USN73-1 : python2.2, python2.3 vulnerability python2.2, python2.3 vulnerability
USN74-1 : postfix vulnerability postfix vulnerability
USN74-2 : postfix vulnerability postfix vulnerability
USN75-1 : cpio vulnerability cpio vulnerability
USN76-1 : emacs21 vulnerability emacs21 vulnerability
USN77-1 : squid vulnerabilities squid vulnerabilities
USN78-1 : mailman vulnerabilities mailman vulnerabilities
USN78-2 : mailman vulnerabilities mailman vulnerabilities
USN79-1 : postgresql vulnerabilities postgresql vulnerabilities
USN8-1 : gaim vulnerabilities gaim vulnerabilities
USN80-1 : libapache2-mod-python vulnerabilities libapache2-mod-python vulnerabilities
USN81-1 : iptables vulnerability iptables vulnerability
USN82-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN83-1 : lesstif1-1 vulnerabilities lesstif1-1 vulnerabilities
USN83-2 : lesstif1-1 vulnerabilities lesstif1-1 vulnerabilities
USN84-1 : squid vulnerabilities squid vulnerabilities
USN85-1 : gaim vulnerabilities gaim vulnerabilities
USN86-1 : curl vulnerability curl vulnerability
USN87-1 : cyrus21-imapd vulnerability cyrus21-imapd vulnerability
USN88-1 : reportbug information disclosure reportbug information disclosure
USN89-1 : libxml vulnerabilities libxml vulnerabilities
USN9-1 : tetex-bin vulnerabilities tetex-bin vulnerabilities
USN90-1 : imagemagick vulnerability imagemagick vulnerability
USN91-1 : libexif vulnerabilities libexif vulnerabilities
USN92-1 : lesstif1-1 vulnerabilities lesstif1-1 vulnerabilities
USN93-1 : squid vulnerability squid vulnerability
USN94-1 : perl vulnerability perl vulnerability
USN95-1 : linux-source- vulnerabilities linux-source- vulnerabilities
USN96-1 : mysql-dfsg vulnerabilities mysql-dfsg vulnerabilities
USN97-1 : xfree86 vulnerability xfree86 vulnerability
USN98-1 : openslp vulnerabilities openslp vulnerabilities
USN99-1 : php4 vulnerabilities php4 vulnerabilities
USN99-2 : php4 vulnerabilities php4 vulnerabilities

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